My Own Long Way Home

From personal experience to shared strength and hope.

I almost died of liver disease in June of 2020.

From 220 pounds I dropped to less than 140, with my body incapable of the simplest tasks without assistance. Through God’s grace, and the love and support of family and friends, I am doing better every day and hope to make a full recovery. I managed to survive what was supposed to kill me. Many don’t. Working to survive this, however, was a long and sometimes exhausting fight, which left me wondering about the struggles of others. This year has provided many lessons, some of which were an increased desire to share the blessings I have received with those facing similar challenges.

With my 50th birthday fast approaching, what started as a plan for a simple celebration of life evolved into an idea where the strength and hope of many people can be translated into positive change in other’s lives. I reached out to my musician friends, and asked about turning my birthday into a charity event benefitting local transplant recipients. Their reaction, as well as that of organizations and businesses was overwhelmingly positive, and so the new 501c3, Long Way Home, was born.

We host events in which all profits are utilized to produce the maximum benefit for the recipients. We work to cover the ancillary costs not covered by insurance, such as the insurance premiums themselves, food, short-term lodging, parking. These items, usually minor in normal times, are crippling when every other effort is being spent for medical bills, and are exacerbated by lost wages and time.

To all my friends and family who have been there for me through all this, and continue to be there as I walk down my road of recovery, I want to give my sincerest gratitude.

Nothing you did went unnoticed.

Without the grace of God, the love and support of my friends, family, and great doctors, instead of being able to support those in need, I would no longer be here. I believe in giving back when granted grace, and I hope that you join me as we work to provide others the gift I have been given.

Long Way Home is a charitable organization benefitting transplant recipients in the Houston, TX area. Houston is an expansive and caring city that wants to help. Through our partnerships with local organizations and hospitals, we are making the help a reality.