“Honkytonk For Hope” Featured in the Bridgeland Times

“More recently, we were blessed to be a part of Long Way Home Texas, a charitable organization benefitting transplant recipientsin the Houston area. They recently began to host events in which all profits are utilized to help families pay for ancillary costs not covered by insurance. These costs include food, short-term lodging, parking and other expenses incurred due to catastrophic medical issues. This past November, we were blessed to have been a part of their Honkytonk For Hope event where 14 local (and not so local) musicians performed. At the event, merchandise was sold, money was raised through auctions and donations, and a wonderful time was had by all. The event raised over $40,000!”

“It is through foundations such as Long Way Home Texas, as well as donations from individuals to our PayPal and Venmo accounts, that make it possible for us to continue to support Oliver. We thank God every day for the generosity of strangers and the care and love we receive from our family and friends. We are excited to see what the future holds!”